• Select a theme according to the personality, interests and age of the child (i.e. a shy child will not want a performer who is going to make him or her the center of attention).
  • If you are choosing an entertainer that you’ve never seen, ask if they have references from a recent party that you can call.
  • Entertainment should always be age appropriate.
  • Decorations make the atmosphere of the party. Start by matching your party theme with paper goods and a custom cake.
  • Set the cake out as a decoration so everyone can enjoy it.
  • Balloons also make a room festive. Decorate the party table by attaching a balloon to each chair using curling ribbon, so that at the end of the party, each child can take home a balloon. Or, purchase balloon sticks that allow you to secure the balloons. You can tape the balloon stick to a chair, or arrange in a large vase. Hand out to the kids at the end of the party. For more information, please see Decorating Tips
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