• Prepare your camera and charge video equipment prior to the party. Remember to have a supply of film and batteries. Allow your child to be involved; supply a disposable camera for a few photos from their perspective. It is also nice to take at least one picture of each child and enclose it in the corresponding thank-you note.
  • Ask your child prior to the special day who they would like to sit next to. This way you can pre-arrange seating in a way that will avoid squabbles and tears later.
  • Arrange your pre-made nametags alphabetically and pass them out upon each child’s arrival. You and the entertainers will have much better luck keeping the partygoers’ attention if you can call them by name. It will also be easier for them to get to know one another if you are combining different friends.
  • Try to have your table set prior to the guests’ arrival. Set forks, napkins, cups and party hats on the table keeping the plates separate so they are readily available when it is time to cut the cake. Consider labeling the cups/juice boxes with masking tape and the guests’ name to avoid mix-ups.
  • Prepare anything you possibly can ahead of time. The less energy you spend on preparing food and drinks during the party, the more attention you can give the party girl or boy.
  • Have your child select the music to be played throughout the party. Music can really enhance the environment of your party.
  • Temperature can make or break the behaviour of any child. Consider this and try to maintain warmth or coolness depending on the season. Remember that an increase in number of bodies brings an increase in room temperature.
  • Allow your child to decide beforehand if they will open their presents while their guests are still in attendance. Generally this is the case if there is time at the end of the party. Take note of who gave each gift and if possible take a picture of your child as each gift is opened, with the child who gave the gift. Again, it is a nice gesture to include this photo with the corresponding thank-you note.
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