Planning ahead Checklist

4 - 6 weeks ahead
  • Decide the theme of the party with your child. Call around to compare activities, prices, references.
  • Check with parents of your child's best'll want to avoid disappointment when special friends cannot attend.
  • Make your list of party guests. (Guest Tracking List)
  • Make sure your child's birthday is the main event of the day. Take holidays, other children's parties, school events and vacations into account when selecting the party date.
  • Choose the types of party activities, games, crafts, etc. that you want to include.
  • Make lists of party supplies, decorations to buy, decorations to make, party favours, game prizes.
  • Make a list of food to serve. Consult guests for allergies or food restrictions.
2 - 3 weeks ahead
  • Write out your invitations and deliver or mail them. Let your child help. (Tips on Preparing Invitations)
  • Shop for party supplies and decorations.
  • Start creating decorations that will be hand-made. (Decorating Tips)
  • Order the birthday cake if you are going to have it custom made.
1 week ahead
  • Finish any decorations or favours that are to be hand-made.
  • Check on your party supplies to make sure that you have everything that you need.
  • Prepare any food that can be made ahead and frozen, including the cake.
  • Go over your party activity list again, and make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment if any.
  • Confirm the number of guests
2 - 3 days before
  • Do your final grocery shop.
  • Don't forget film, video tapes, and batteries. Charge the video camera.
  • Just to be safe re-confirm with your entertainer # of kids that will be attending, party address etc. KFF standard policy is to call you 3 days before your event for final confirmation of number etc.
1 day before
  • Finish decorating
  • Pick up the cake (if applicable)
  • Double-check the area of the house or yard to be used for the party. Make sure that it's "party-safe". Put away anything fragile and plants that might get tipped, and remove any furniture necessary to make room.
  • Put up the indoor decorations.
  • Do any food preparation that can be done ahead.
Party Time
  • Finish all of the food preparation.
  • Put up the outside decorations.
  • Mark the designated party area, inside or out, with decorations or signs.
  • Put pets in a safe place away from the party
  • Delegate jobs to your volunteers.
  • Don't forget the pictures. Ask one of your volunteers to be the "Official Photographer"
  • Keep your party activities and menu lists handy, and refer to them occasionally.
  • Do a safety check outdoors: barbecues, garden chemicals and tools, pets, pools, playground equipment.
  • Be extremely careful with the balloons. Keep inflated ones up out of reach of young children, and discard any broken or deflated ones as they represent a choking hazard.
  • If you are giving loot bags, hand them out as guests are leaving. Consider giving each guest a small "thank you" gift instead of loot bags. Consider a small thank you note at this time.
  • Finally, relax and enjoy the party with your child
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